May I store your suitcase? ARD Tagesschau tomorrow.

For the Customer Interaction task we taught TIAGo to take care of a customers belongings, that means he greets a customer at the entrance of the convenience store and takes over the suitcase to store it in the storage space of the convenience store. After the customer can enjoy shopping without taking care about his belongings. This is just a teaser of what we are doing during the 20 minute demonstration tomorrow. We will present scenarios for how a robot can improve the customers experience in the future.

We began this morning in one of those old fashioned convenience stores and got some breakfast. There are fun ways to enrich this experience in Japan. Here we see a bun:

And this is how the bun looks like after you take a bite:

After we arrived at the competition place, this time just 4 minutes in advance such that the waiting time was quite short, the testings slots where distributed. In those slots our top goal is to test our tasks completely and notice errors and fix them in between the slots.

In advance of taking the following picture we exposed such a bug and are fixing it in joint work. Whats better than pair programming -> Trio programming.

After breakfast and the initial test the ARD Tokio studio came by for a report about the World Robot Summit. We were accompanied for some time and Ivanna and Raphael were interviewed shortly. Later they filmed our test run of the Customer Interaction test.

The report will be broadcasted tomorrow at 15:00 german time in an midday episode of the ARD Tagesthemen or Tagesschau somewhere in between the Bavarian election reports.

Lukas tested the storing and disposal task. As we don’t have the shelf available in between the testing slots TIAGo is handing over the object in this test case. The test is also getting better and better each time.

This is how a competition team looks like. They already participated in last years future convenience challenge and are quite experienced. The robot is looking well and has some advantages e.g. a rotating joint in the wrist and two arms. It was a nice show.