Nacht der Technik

Last Saturday there was a lot ongoing on the “Nacht der Technik”. An event where the Chamber of Crafts invites all technology interested people to spot in and see everything from electro cars, to 3d printing, laser shows, music, drones and this years main topic was robotics. Of course Lisa needs to visit an event like this. She met literally thousands of people. And we had a lot of interesting talks.

And yupp you may recognized new faces in the team. This was the first event for the new R28 project. A project full of motivated people that want to take part in robotic challenges for the next year. The first may up to come is the European Robotics League (ERL) in Lisbon.

Photo taken by [Klaus-Herzmann](, thanks a lot!
Photo taken by [Klaus-Herzmann](, thanks a lot!.

Next to Lisa we had a special guest this time. Something new, we unveiled a new holonom robot platform that our hardware department is currently working on and made huge progress. Wonder what holonom means? Imagine you sitting in a car searching for a parking lot. Holonom is now when a robot or a car is able to drive sideways without actually steering. This is stunning and works by using special wheels. Those wheels are used as usual wheels but have an additional 45 degree rolls on the wheel itself. Crazy, huh? That are wheels on a wheel. For those that don’t understand the magic yet we will attach a video in one of the next posts.