O Canada

O Canada We are on road for thee. More precisly for the RoboCup in Montreal, Canada. From 18. June till 22. June the worldchampionship takes place in Montreal. We compete against teams that qualified from all over the world and see quite some international robotic friends. Two days in advance, the setup begins so we now start our travel to be there in time. Our route is a little adventurous and begins at 4 a.m. at the central station Koblenz and ends at friday morning in Montreal.

We are staying awake till we catch the train
We are staying awake till we catch the train.

We take Lisa in our suitcases as usual. Tiago however has to travel in one piece, so we had to send him some days before by plane. He already caused some issues at the customs. But that’s why robots entertain us - issues. We are really happy that Tiago will be with us in Canada.

Traveling with the suitcases
Traveling with the suitcases.
Last minute tests before departure
Last minute tests before departure.

Our next post will be from Montreal. Cheers, stay tuned, and good night.