Pit stop in Bangkok

We are on our way to Singapore. In Bangkok we had to wait 7 hours for our connecting flight to Singapore. This means we have some hours to check out Bangkok.

In the beginning of the flight we played a multiplayer game where we had to search for hidden objects. This was fun for a while but we got tired pretty fast and used the rest of the flight for reloading our batteries.

Next up - the flight from Bangkok to Singapore. When we arrive, we will directly move to the hostel and fall asleep. The next morning we want to reassemble the new robot named Maggie and find space somewhere in the hostel to test our approach. As we have written before, Grimey already died. Like in the Simpsons, he was built just for one episode, which in our case was the qualification video. Now Maggie enters the room and aims for stacking a tower of cubes up to 1.2m and strictly limited size constraints of 0.8m height. In fact our robot is roughly 0.6m high. Small kids also want to built big towers. That’s what Maggie’s big dream is about. Let’s cross fingers for this! Luckily we could take the sponsored batteries on board of the airplane. In the past we had a lot of trouble organizing batteries at the competition locations, because it is forbidden to take lead acid batteries on board. We have a special guest on our trip here. Beside Maggie, Florian, Malte, Lukas, Raphael we have a minion Jana on board, A small puppet made by Raphael’s girlfriend Jana which is accompany us on the trip and most probably will appear on some of the photos :)