Preparation, Robot Inspection, Poster

The last two days were meant for preparation. We mounted the fixed joint, labeled objects, mapped and tested a lot.

First preparation day: Assembling the robots.
First preparation day: Assembling the robots..

Yesterday there was the robot inspection. Both robots were very shy entering the arena on the first trial (and on the second trial … third trial :)). But finally when they were not surrounded by that many other robots they took their chance to get the robot inspection done such that the team could focus on testing the Stage 1 tasks. This year there was a major revision. There are two task categories. The first one is Party Host, which is as the name suggest focused on organizing a party. This means welcoming visitors, serving drinks and finding mates. After a successful party there is a lot of stuff to do. This is tested in tasks like taking out the garbage, cleaning up and serving as a general purpose robot (Housekeeper).

Testing on Lisa during preparation day..
Testing on Lisa during preparation day...
And TIAGo during a test run.
And TIAGo during a test run..

Today, during the official runs for stage 1, our robots continued being a bit to shy for the arena.. Because most of the teams reached a rather similar scoring, the jury descided that all the nine participating teams will be qualified for stage 2.

TIAGo after the Takeout the Garbage task
TIAGo after the Takeout the Garbage task.

Tomorrow, it’s time for stage 2. Like in the previous stage, there are again two task categories. Being a good Party Host, the robots should be able to take orders from waving customer in a restaurant. In tasks like ‘Where is this’ the ability to remember and describe locations of objects is tested and ‘Procter & Gamble: Clean the table’ challenges the robots in their manipulation abilities. We’re very ambitious to achieve a good scoring tomorrow — the two best teams will reach the finals. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on instagram!