Preparation days ended

After a turbulent start (Raphael forgot his notebook at home) we managed to arrive savely in Leipzig. We mapped the arena, learned all objects, mapped another arena, learned more objects, setup the WiFi configuration (thank you OC that there is an official WiFi in the arena) and tested some games. Everything is running smooth. We even had a demo for VIP people which also went well (and served as a test for the OpenChallenge). RIPS went well, we passed it on the first try and are now qualified to participate in the competition. Then there was the official opening with beer. It was good. We are looking forward to tomorrow where we will have the following tests: Speech Recognition, Navigation and Person Recognition. We are very excited and hope we can keep our title as the world’s best looking robot. Also purple Lisa has a new hat. Can you guess what it is made for? On an unrelated note: There will be a meeting for everyone interested in the next practical Lisa course in the winter term on July 5th at 2 pm in B325.

Part of the really nice venue we are in:


Panorama of the arenas:


Viktor in the poster session:


Raphael and Lisa during Robot Inspection:


Mauricio showing Lisa a QR-code to contiue: