Restaurant and the confused Lisa

Lisa recently finished her next task “Restaurant”.

In this game two robots are supposed to start in a kitchen next to a kitchen-bar (the kitchen is unknown and public) and detect any clients by checking if they are waving. Then the bartender tells one of them to take the order and the other one to wait. An order is taken by driving to the customer and ask him what he would like to get, drive back to the kitchen and recite the bartender the customer’s request. After he placed them on the bar, the foods and/or beverages are required to be delivered to the corresponding person. This may repeat several times until the game is stopped by the referees.

Lisa first spotted every person in the room and then identified their joint-positions. From these she tried to recognize a waving movement.

In the left picture you can see the cut-out image from detection in the size of a detected person (=bounding box). Next to it is the modified version, each point stands for a joint and “class 2” means the customer is waving with his left arm.

Unfortunately Lisa was not used to see so many people at once. There were over 40 attendants sitting to watch her in action. This made her quiet nervous and therefor she was too shy to react as we asked her to.

However we still love her and are willing to apologize her for this incident.