RoCKIn - Getting in shape on Friday

Yesterday was the first day we should show a task. Mini TBM3 alias Catering for Granny was scheduled for today. In this task, the robot is supposed to assist an older woman in her smart home. The robot gets tasks by natural commands via voice and should execute them. With the refbox, that is meant for benchmarking and scoring we are also able to control the state of some devices in the home like switch and dim the lights and control the blinds. In addition Granny Annie also can ask the robot to bring her reading glasses and other objects. In the morning we invested some time in benchmarking and device communication. In comparison to the challenge back in November, the communication was working smoothly.

After some minor code changes we are able to execute the task as shown in Toulouse. We gave the robot a light command and told LISA to bring the cardboard box. LISA understood both tasks and executed them. Everything was fine, but we were not able to find the object.

For todays object perception benchmarking task Viktor adds some new algorithms to  improve our results from Toulouse. Arne was constructing the state machine for the final demonstration and Markus had a lot of fun using OpenCV and processing faces. Gender detection works fine. Results from yesterday: computer science girls get classified as male but with a low confidence Something we can build on. Yesterday there was also a special event - the solar eclipse. So we moved out and took some pictures.


Beside work we are also regularly doing some fitness competitions like pull ups on small breaks. Viktor and Raphael made a bet that both of them reduce their weight to 80 kg until the RoboCup in Magdeburg. Sadly the social dinner yesterday put at least 5kg on both of them. It was a massive over eating session. We were not able to skip one of the six courses because all of them were highly tasty. After dinner movements and breathing felt hard. But we are still We now focus on the object perception test today and the final demonstration for tomorrow.