RoCKIn - Wednesday

In the morning we were guided to the venue. After a short welcoming meeting the arena was opened. We agreed that this is the best arena we have seen so far - simply because it is not an arena, but a real apartment. Lisa survived the trip very well. We reassembled her in a short time. However, without batteries we had to rely on the power supply from the socket and and was not able to move farther than a few meters. We took the rest of the day to distribute some tasks amongst us. Raphael tested the robot and all of its components. Afterwards he started testing general purpose and extending the state machine. He also took care of some specific requirements of the RoCKIn camp regarding data logging. During lunch we developed an idea for our final demonstration and Arne started coding the state machine (he was done by midnight). After lunch we got some batteries (that we do not have to pay for). However, the battery charger we to from our lab is designed for 24 V and we forgot to take a cable to connect two 12V batteries (after a quick hardware hack, Markus fixed the problem - don’t ask for details). He took the rest of the day to develop a new algorithms for face analysis and could not resist to continue working on Restaurant. Viktor started developing an algorithm to detect unknown objects in people’s hands that will be used in the final demonstration (and Open Challenge of the RoboCup). Tomorrow everything will be tested, including a RoCKIn specific benchmark that we want to complete by the end of the day.

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