So freaking tense

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, but stage two was so tight we didn’t had the time to write something.

The finals finished ten minutes ago and we are awaiting the results. So in the waiting time here the summaries of the games from yesterday.

Today we started on a very good second place to solve the three remaining challanges in stage 2. The first challange was the wake me up test. In this test Lisa had to wake up her overslept owner and then recognize that he is awake. That worked very well. After this she had to handover the newspaper in a very naturally way. That means that she had to open her grippers immediatly after the user had grasped the newspaper. Then she took a breakfast order and went to the kitchen to get the breakfast. At this point the challenge ends for the teams, because the following tasks like picking and placing the milk exactly in a corner on a tray were too hard. Finally we got the most points in this challange, so we were still at the first place.

The next challange was robo nurse. In this challenge Lisa had to detect an older woman that needed help. She had to bring that woman pills, after she has detected them at a shelf. Unfortunately, the robot stopped doing its work after it had verified the pill selection. But we got still points for finding granny, understanding the command, detecting and describing the pills.

The last challange for this day was the restaurant test. The special thing about this test was that it took place in a real restaurant. In this challenge the robots had to get to know the tables of a restaurant by a waiter who guided them through the restaurant. After that the robots should take some orders and bring the food to the guests. Poorly we lost the waiter at both of our two tries at the beginning. We assume that the reason for this were bad lighting conditions. So we got zero points for this challange.

After stage 2 we were at the second place behind wright eagle and 4 points before TU Eindhoven.

The final went well. Only few fallbacks had to kick in and we had no critical errors. So even though wright eagle has a advantage of 99 points the final can easily change the order.