We ended up 3rd and won a poster award

There was not a lot of time for blogging during the RoboCup German Open this year. But now we want to summarize our attendance.

Sadly we had a lot of issues. The pain from the robot inspection followed us to Stage 1. We reached 0 points in the complete Stage 1. In half of the cases the robots were to shy for entering the arena at all. Not much to describe here. We learned a lot for the actual world championship in Sydney. Our strategy to solve a lot of the tasks from the rulebook to show a broad set of abilities turned out to be a mediocre strategy. Focusing on one task would have been better. And testing more often under real conditions. Stage 2 went a lot better, such that we managed to end up 3rd in the end.

During the award ceremony
During the award ceremony.

In Stage 2 we managed to keep up. In the Clean the Table task we managed to put a plate into the dishwasher. The robot was aware that the actual grasping failed and asked for assistance of a surrounding person. We were the best team in this task.

Clean the table task
Clean the table task.

In the “Where is this” task the robot gave a natural instruction of how to get to some piece of furniture that someone asked to get to. This was fine for one person. But the goal of this task is to get along with all different kinds of people. The second person asked Lisa for a direction but Lisa understood the command not clearly and didn’t state that.

Restaurant setup
Restaurant setup.

The restaurant where the “Restaurant” task took place was very busy which confused not just Lisa but all robots that took part.

Restaurant from behind
Restaurant from behind.

At the end of the day ToBi was leading ahead of CATIE (a new but very impressive team) which was ahead of us by quite some points.

Us, after the competition week
Us, after the competition week.