Testing Testing Testing

Late night Chinatown walk selfie
Late night Chinatown walk selfie.

Today we woke up and went to a Buddha temple in Chinatown, not that far away from our Hotel. After lunch we then went back to the room and tested intensively.We are now able to stack cubes stable. At least 3 of them but we have issues with the weight. Each cube weights 600 gram and if we want to stack 6 of them we have to lift 3.6 kg. Which is quite a lot for a robot. Currently we are brainstorming how to make the gripper stronger and optimize the task code. Testing is not that easy in the hotel room because the space is very limited :)

We were able to address this problem with a shopping tour. We went out to get some ball bearings, WD40 and a replacement motor. And after 1 hour of searching in the people’s park center we had all items. First we found WD40 in the tool shop, were we bought the screws yesterday. The old man did not have ball-bearings. We then went into a shopping center and ended up in the toys department where we were looking for inline skater wheels. We found one but much to expensive. But by luck Malte found a fidget spinner. They are currently a trend and in there are four … FOUR! ball-bearings for a little price. We directly bought them and went on to a electronic store where we were lucking for DC motors, as the gripper motor currently is driven by 22V even though it is made for 19.1V. Every now and then the motor overheats. We bought a new motor in case the current motor breaks. The shop we went in for that was a paradise for every roboticists. There was on space anywhere but so many stuff like capacitors, LED’s, raspberries, Arduinos, Motors, LCD panels. Alone of the stuff you could get in this shop we could build a new robot.

We brought Maggie to the bathtub to solder the motor from 12V to 24V, because in the bath where no sprinklers
We brought Maggie to the bathtub to solder the motor from 12V to 24V, because in the bath where no sprinklers.