The first two preperation days at ERL-SR

As you may already know, Lila Lisa has grown a arm in the last weeks. And after some recreation that usually takes several month to years for humans … but not for Lila Lisa. Today she was able to grip her first object with the new grown arm. The cool thing about it is that there were nearly no code changes for the gripping, only model changes that’s it.

Okay back to our general audience. The first object Lisa gripped was a energy drink that was meant for us. But she stole it from us, like a mum would tell her children to eat healthy. We will follow this advice now and stick to a mixture of water, beer and burgers for the rest of the week.

Gripping the energy drink was one of the major achievements for today and also on our list for this week.

We found a shirt that we signed at last November's RoCKIn event. What a treasure!
We found a shirt that we signed at last November's RoCKIn event. What a treasure!.

Yesterday we were setting up the Lila Lisa and we increased the speed of the platform as we were moving like a tortoise through the apartment in comparison to the SocRob team.

We also integrated the pan tilt unit which is working surprisingly good for a ~20 buck hacky solution. Thanks to Florian for building it!

That's us in concentration mode!
That's us in concentration mode!.

Gregor is working hard on optimizing the General Purpose task. Patrik is working on navigation and Richard is our arm master while Raphael is trying to keep an overview and support where it is needed.

Tomorrow there will be the first competition day with 2 rounds per task. Each task will be executed three times and the result will be the median of the top 5 results.

An hour ago we got a local dinner by the organizers. We ate best Bacalhau in town and were intentionally slaughtered with good wine to get out of service for tomorrow’s competitions. But we could take it and are now falling into sleep to be prepared for tomorrow’s competition. We will update you then!