threshold problems and late-night-labeling

The preparation for the 8 challenges are still running, yet. But this afternoon at 4 p.m. the first challenge “speech and person recognition” starts.

This challenge, as the name says, is about recognising people as well as speech. More precisely the robot, we take lisa for that, need to look at a crowd and then answer questions about this crowd. E.g. the count of females and males, sitting persons or persons which wave to the robot.

team at work
team at work.

At the beginning our robots had some problems moving over the threshold at the entrance and exit of the testarena where the challenges take place. To improve this we first made little ramps, yet we hope the robots wont get stuck in a burnout while moving in the arena.

>Do not feed!<
>Do not feed!<.

We need to label a lot of pictures of objects for one of our neural networks to recognize objects and thus make it possible to grab them and sort them or transport them arround. This labelwork is a simple but timetaking task, so yesterday night we all sit together in our appartment and started labeling the pictures.

labeling, for those who are not so familar with this vocabulary, is nothing else then just marking the region in a picture where an object is. With this information as input neural networks can learn the objects and recognize them in new pictures.

Team homer's elixir of life
Team homer's elixir of life.