TIAGo is doing well during the first competition day

Today were the Getting to know my home, the Navigation and the Speech benchmark task up.

First was Getting to know my home, where a person assists the robot in the creation in a semantic map. Objects and furniture are randomly positioned in the apartment and should be learned by the robot during the task. The two first rounds where full of bad luck but after in the next two rounds it was working close to perfect. TIAGo learned unknown objects and was able to put them on unknown moved furniture positions including grasping and placement. Wow and that within a month of having the robot.

Raphael teaching TIAGo the locations of the objects
Raphael teaching TIAGo the locations of the objects.

Yesterday we also did a hand-eye calibration, where the robot takes a chessboard pattern and moves the pattern randomly. When moved it takes pictures and aligns the camera and the arm more precise.

TIAGo while charging batteries
TIAGo while charging batteries.

The navigation task was okish. Once we had a localization error but in the first round the robot was able to reach all three targets inside the apartment.

We are waiting for the Speech Benchmark results and are preparing and testing tomorrows tasks.