Today was a good day

Today we met a bit earlier in the morning to keep up with all the tasks, everything except the General Purpose Task was on the list.

Table for counting the runs done
Table for counting the runs done.

First up was Catering For Granny. Lisa understood all commands but failed to grip the cardboard box, because it was to big for her grippers. Nevertheless Lisa’s happy owner could control the smart home environment through Lisa.

Then the Welcoming Visitors task took place, where Lisa recognized in three rounds all visitors correctly and also handles them properly.

Now we have a robot that is capable of welcoming visitors, controlling a smart home and bringing stuff on demand. By the way in the navigation task Lisa also showed her following capabilities and of course demonstrated how she can navigate in the apartment where also dynamic changes could be trained by a person. An overall useful robot isn’t it? For this tasks maybe, but there are things missing. May in the future she starts adapting behaviour that she observed at persons in order to be able to learn more special tasks like preparing a meal, unloading the dishwasher and …. We are working on it.

Lisa starts gripping and everybody took out his smartphone to film it
Lisa starts gripping and everybody took out his smartphone to film it.

Tomorrow there will be some press around reporting about the event. We are looking forward to this. Lisa is already stretching her arm in order to grip something tomorrow with all the cameras around. Usually she gets very nervous when that many people are around but we’ll see tomorrow.

Beside the press coming by there is just the General Purpose Task taking place, where Lisa has to show all capabilities that she is able to do in any order and there are some more testing slots where teams can decide whatever the want to get tested in.

That’s it for today. We are hungry and are looking forward to the social event taking place on this very special Scottish day, which is also called Burns Day named after the scot poet Robert Burns.