Tokyo we are coming

Half a year ago we qualified for the World Robot Summit in Tokyo. Now we are in Nagoya slowly approaching our destination with a sub sized team consisting of TIAGo, Ivanna, Tobias, Lukas and Raphael. We are taking part in the Future Convenience Store Challenge where we compete in tasks like Restocking a convenience store, cleaning a customers toilet or an individual visionary view customer interaction of how robots could be used in the convenience store of the future. We are looking forward to our participation and are also happy to meet some of our friends there.

This is us after packing up all the stuff. When you compare this picture to the old ones it looks like a easy travel. TIAGo was shipped by cargo and we just take minimal stuff with us for the competition.

In Nagoya we spotted a Hawaiian dance festival that we joined for quite a while until our connection flight came.

More information about the WRS.

A big thanks to PAL Robotics for all the support and the Japanese government which funded the WRS and thereby covered most of our expenses.