Uni Rallye / Sponsor visit at SHD headquarters

Lisa just came back from the European Open, a bit exhausted but still on the spot! On Tuesday we were part of the Uni Rallye. Where new students were introduced to the university with interactive games. 5 groups of new students visited Lisa and played our games. First a quiz, then the main part, where one blind person had to control Lisa with a gamepad to follow a trajectory. Thereby the person had to rely on commands she was given by her teammates. This was quite fun! And the last part was asking Lisa a set of predefined questions. Everytime Lisa was able to answer the questions the team got points. That was a bit gambling to be honest.

On the 7th of April, Lisa was invited to SHD headquarters in Andernach as a special guest to join the conference with students of Möfa (Fachschule des Möbelhandels).

At the beginning Lisa introduced herself to the audience and told a little about the competition in Eindhoven, where she was 4 days ago. After that Raphael asked her to switch the light on and bring him a cup. But Lisa said, that she was very exhausted and she had to charge her batteries. This statement made all guests laugh. Then Lisa grasped a bottle and gave it to one of the students.


All of the visitors found Lisa very cheerful. They spoke to her, asked her to tell jokes and shook her hand. So we want to say „thank you“ to SHD for invitation and the support. We hope, that we will meet again.