Virtually visit us at CV-Tag 2020!

With this year’s robotic competitions all postponed due to COVID-19, our team’s non-robot members had to put health first in the last few months, keeping distance to each other and our labs. Despite restricted physical access to our robots, everyone worked from home to improve their RoboCup game implementations. Using prerecorded sensory data, we have been able to simulate scenarios in which Lisa and TIAGo normally have to solve tasks on their own. In the past few weeks, our laboratories could slowly be reopened, paying careful attention to a maximum number of people on site and general hygiene measures.

For now, we invite you to “come” see us at CV-Tag 2020 (“day of computational visualistics 2020”), an annual event at Campus Koblenz of University of Koblenz-Landau where students present their projects and thesis results. This year, the event will completely take place online. So you will be able to examine various fascinating results from whereever you currently are! The projects will be shown in a live stream, including our final presentation of this year’s student team. Due to the circumstances, we have to be economic about the time spent at the university and the number of people involved in filming videos, but we are doing our best to compile an interesting roundup of our results anyway! :)

Other highlights of the event include presentations by companies, interviews and a big raffle at the end. If you’re interested in the CV-Tag event, have a look at pictures from last year and add the Facebook event to your agenda.

See you there!