We ended up 5th

Yesterday the finals took place. Lisa did great bringing some coffee and baking a egg. She also started bringing out the trash but then time was up.

We did a somewhat different approach than usual. Instead of showing a pre-planned scenario, we let the jury choose between a broader set of abilities. They had the choice between getting coffee, baking egg, taking out the trash, getting a toast or a bread out of the oven.

All of the tasks included complex manipulation, object recognition of untextured objects like the cup, coffee machine, hotplate, pan and the trash bin. We also showed how to use a robot as a smart home interface for instance with operating the coffee machine.

Lisa only failed once while gripping the cup with an egg and Viktor follows the arm trajectory afterwards holding the cup. But the internal jury seems to not like the demo at all. Here are the final scores:


Afterwards we had a great after party with lots of food and drinks. Here is a picture of our demura.net friends and us. It was really fun meeting you. Happy Mini!