We won three benchmarks in Lisbon

Winners of FBM2, TBM1 and TBM3
Winners of FBM2, TBM1 and TBM3.

The European Robotics League local tournament for Consumer Service robots in Lisbon is finished now. Scratchy did quite a good job and we won the functionallity benchmark for navigation and also two of the four task benchmarks—Getting to Know My Home (TBM1) and Catering for Granny Annie’s Comfort (TBM3). In Visiting my Home (TBM4) and Welcoming Visitors (TBM2), the SocRob team was slightly better.

Team Homer together with our friends from team SocRob and our robots
Team Homer together with our friends from team SocRob and our robots.

We really enjoyed our participation at the ERL in Lisbon and learned to build a robot from scratch, made new friends in Lisbon and additionally, we wrote a paper about Scratchy during the week. It describes Scratchy’s hardware and software setup to enable other teams to maybe participate on a low budget level in these kind of competitions. Sadly, Scratchy did not manage to grasp objects during the actual runs but at least during testing, he managed to pick up the coke and the toilet paper once. We are working on that issue right now. There are also some ideas for exchanging knowledge between the teams. For example, the advanced data augmentation of the SocRob team might be very helpful. In return, we would like to share our gesture recognition method with them.

Scratchy and mBot are pretty good friends now
Scratchy and mBot are pretty good friends now.

In two weeks, there will be one more ERL Consumer Service Robot tournament in Bristol, which we will most probably not attend. One reason is, that we ourselves plan on hosting a European Robotics tournament for Professional Service Robots around that time. For the final results of this year’s league, there will be an award ceremony in Bucharest in March. Stay tuned!