We won two leagues of the European Robotics League

Last week during the European Robotics Forum we were awarded with two prizes in two different leagues. First we won the “Best Team” Award in the Customer Service Robotics league. We have a long tradition in this league tracing back to the RoCKIn competitions. For the first time, we tried to compete in the European Robotics League for Professional Service Robots and succeeded. The Customer Service Robotics league focusses on benchmarking robots in domestic scenarios where the Professional Service Robotics league focusses on more industrial settings. This year the difficulty for Customer Robotics was slightly increased i.e. in the Getting to Know my Home task, the robots should autonomously create a semantic map of the environment and in the end should be able to replicate a known initial state.

ERF Awards homer

Gerhard Kraetzschmar of the University of Applied Sciences in Bonn represented us during the Award Giving Ceremony in Bucharest (Romania).

We are now concentrating in the RoboCup@Home preparation for the German Open in Magdeburg.