Welcome to Robo Cup

Today is the first setup day. This morning we got to the venue and after a short buildup time both our robots are up and running. We found a nice space right behind the arena and sorted our stuff. We forgot our network switch at home, but luckily TechUnited was nice and lend us their spare one to us. Today we also found the person responsible for the Carnet ATA. Unfortunately, we still did not get the stamp for import in China, but we had to give away the Carnet ATA and will get it back at 5pm.

First tests in the arena went well and by the time the batteries needed loading it was time for lunch. We got some from the venue’s food court and happily applied our chopstick skills. We are already masters when it comes to eating with chopsticks! ;)

Also we (our team) seem to be an interesting attraction. The Chinese people always want to take pictures with us.

At the time we are fighting an unstable git connection, but that shouldn’t hold us up for long.. we are setting up a local one.

IMG_20150717_115707 20150717_141101_resized