World Robot Summit first preparation day

wrs arrival

This morning we arrived at the Big Sight exhibition center in Tokyo. The event is very nice organized. The registration went quite fast and everything was already set. Soon we got our TIAGo and could start testing quite fast. Beside some time synchronization errors everything went smooth this far. Seems like that not all teams are participating in all challenges like we do and many use heavily customized robots for each task. Our approach is to use one mobile robot for all of the tasks. There are some also big companies as well participating. For now we have to leave the competition place and will face new challenges tomorrow. The actual challenges start on Thursday.

preparation After we fixed the synchronization issues we were ready to test.

toilet_cleaning Tobias was testing the toilet cleaning task. TIAGo managed to find the toilet seat and executed a trajectory to clean the seat. Further we managed to find the trash on the ground. Up to now it is a bit tricky because we are using a sponge as a gripper for the prior cleaning task.

toilet_cleaning2 This is TIAGo in action during the cleaning of the toilette.