RoCKIn-Camp - Tuesday

We arrived in Pisa almost on time and were happy to see that all our robot-loaden suitcases have arrived without problems. It was easy to find our way around, so after a few minutes we were on the bus to the train station and a few minutes later on the train to Pontedera-Casciana Terme. In Pontedera we and other RoCKIn participants were picked up by a shuttle and brought to the hotel in Peccioli. Peccioli is a nice small town located on a hill and has a historic center. Unfortunately, to reach the town you need to go along a road without sidewalks (with fast cars passing by), before you can actually start to climb up the hill. On the other hand, we are here to work and not to see the town or eat there, so it is good to be a little outside and really close to the venue. Tomorrow the fun (i.e. work) begins!





Packing bags ...

Tomorrow, some of us are going to Peccioli, Italy to participate at the RoCKIn-Camp.

The bags are packed, hopefully there will be no problems with the luggage at the airport ;-)



Battery slots - Reconstruction

In the last few days, our hardware team worked on a new solution for the battery slots: in the past we had to cope with little space in our robot’s case and, amongst other things, short-circuites were a consequence of this.

The solution was to lower the battery slots. Now the team is reassembling the robot. P1040241 P1040242

Hackathon No. 1

The week started with a “Hackathon”. The aim of a “Hackathon” is to work on current problems from dawn to dusk and to advance the project in a short time.

Team Homer working hard
Team Homer working hard
Snacks and drinks for better concentration
Snacks and drinks for better concentration

P1040203 P1040199