Hackathon No. 1

The week started with a “Hackathon”. The aim of a “Hackathon” is to work on current problems from dawn to dusk and to advance the project in a short time.

Team Homer working hard
Team Homer working hard
Snacks and drinks for better concentration
Snacks and drinks for better concentration

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Qualification video and the old version of Lisa

Hello there,

the qualification video is finished and uploaded. If you want to watch it, click here. 

At the moment, the hardware team is working on a new solution for the batteries.


Good Bye!

Presentation and Videos

Hello everyone,

This week we had a small demonstration of my abilities in the AGAS-Lab. There were two groups of people there whom I showed my interaction within a smart home environment. I reacted to speech commands, drove autonomously from one room to another and switched different electric devices on and off. The audience was really impressed and interested in my abilities and asked many questions about me. On Friday we gathered some footage for the RoboCup qualification video. We recorded two different scenarios. The first one was how I successfully gripped some objects. The second one was again me interacting in the smart home environment.




Hey guys,

2015 started very well, next week we will have a “Probocup” to check our progress. Thanks to the hardware team, Lisa is finally capable of driving and she can move her arm again. Now we feel really confident to start working on the new challenges of the new rulebook.


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