Night of technology

Hello everyone,

Lisa here ;). Yesterday I was at the Night of Technology in Koblenz. I met a lot of new people who where interested in me and my demonstration. At the beginning we started with some problems: I wasn’t able to drive because of a wrong firmware in the repository. Luckily, after an update the problem could be solved. In the evening there was also a Scottish band playing right next to me. Not as good as my robot-interpretation of “I need a dollar”, but nevertheless a good performance.

DSC01933 DSC01959DSC_0578

Do you already know the Kinder Technik Ferien Camps? In short, it’s a holiday event for children, where they can work with technology.

Their team was also at the Night of Technology and of course, I had to visit them. Their attraction was a robotic arm, that could grab things out of a box and transport them into another box (as you see at the photos below). The kids loved it!

Lisa and the robotic arm
Lisa and the robotic arm.
Daniel Müller, Stefan Kohlhage, Raphael Memmesheimer, Viktor Seib Denise Dünnebier, Jana Holzmann
Daniel Müller, Stefan Kohlhage, Raphael Memmesheimer, Viktor Seib Denise Dünnebier, Jana Holzmann.

For more information you can visit their website:

I hope everyone who visited me got a good impression of me and for those who were not able to come I can say that there will be upcoming chances in the future.

Greetings and with love


Nacht der Technik

Hello everyone,

on saturday, the 8th november me and my team Robbie24 are going to take part at an event called “Nacht der Technik“  . Everyone of you is welcome to visit me!!! Please come and encourage me in my performance __ I hope that the members of the previous teams will also visit me on this event. I am looking forward to it ^^

The half time of our first sprint ist over now. My team has accomplished 40% of the assignments, which were planed __ During the test runs I had some difficulties, but my team is working on it and I hope that they will be successful in their doings.

Wish us good luck and visit me on “Nacht der Technik” Till then I wish everyone a great week Bye Bye, Lisa

The real work started

Hello friends,

the first sprint started on monday. A lot of tasks were planned and assigned to students. Next week some of them have to be done and I hope I will get better functionalities ;-).

This week, we also had a social event with a lot of tasty food.

Yum yum! :-)
Yum yum! :-).

Do you remember the accident last week? Luckily this problem is solved now and the students could continue working on me. At the moment, Raphael is testing a new speech recognition, I hope he will have success with it. If there’s news in this regard we will report it.

Raphael is testing a new speech recognition
Raphael is testing a new speech recognition.

I wish everyone a good start in the next week. You will hear from me soon. Bye bye, Lisa :-)

A bad accident

Last week something bad happened! By a stupid accident my cables were connected incorrectly and a few hardware parts burned trough.:-( Luckily we had had some spare parts and the students could go on working with me.


Lisa :-)