Robbie 24 - The new project

Hello everyone,

finally, the new project has begun. Currently we are in the middle of our two week “Boot camp”. The students learn how to deal with my hardware, how to program with ROS and create complex software modules. It’s nice to see how quickly the new students have got used to me. Especially Raphael was pleased to see me again ;-)

Lucky Raphael
Lucky Raphael.
Raphael explaining some stuff
Raphael explaining some stuff.

During the first test runs I was pretty nervous and it has not all worked out perfectly. But for the first few days, it went quiet good. For the new project I got a new industrial camera, sponsored by IDS. I’m very thankful for this new device and am looking forward to using it. In the next days Stephan will integrate the camera into my framework.

My new IDS camera
My new IDS camera.

Bye for now, Lisa