Preparing for the ERL in Oldenburg

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The day before in Koblenz: Disassembling Lisa
The day before in Koblenz: Disassembling Lisa.

Team Homer participates this week at the European Robotics League in Oldenburg, taking place in the OFFIS lab. We arrived there this afternoon by train. For traveling with Deutsche Bahn, Lisa had to be disassembled.

Then — later on in Oldenburg — she raised again like a phoenix from the ashes…

Lisa came back to life
Lisa came back to life.

Late at night in our apartment, we made a little label party to train the objects we took photos of earlier.

Working still at night
Working still at night.

We won the Object Perception Benchmark at the ERL


After two nights without much sleep, we successfully finished the European Robotics League in Sankt Augustin. Special thanks go out to our coffee maker—which kept us awake—, to hamster—our honorary member—, and to the “Alumni der Computervisualistik der Universität Koblenz-Landau e.V”—which sponsored our travel.


With one more object recognized than our friends of team RobOTTO (Magdeburg), we won the object perception benchmark. For this task, TIAGo had to know 32 different kinds of chocolate bars and 13 small robot components. Due to some issues regarding the training of our neural network, we were only able to compete half an hour before the whole competition ended. After a mediocre first attempt, we reached 15 and 16/20 points in the second and third run respectively, and won the challenge.


The placing objects task also went pretty well. Though we managed to place 5/5 chocolate bars correctly into their boxes, there was a draw with the b-it-bots@Work from Sankt Augustin. In the end they won the challenge because their robot arm was much faster than ours.

Furthermore, we were the only team to make an attempt at the “serving goodies” challenge. This was a bit more difficult than similiar challenges in the past because we had to pick from a box full of chocolates and not just an object on its own. That’s probably why this attempt wasn’t very successful. However, we’re sure to be able to manage this in the near future.

Typical German: extra caution because the robots could burn..
Typical German: extra caution because the robots could burn...

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ERL preparation day


Yesterday was the preparation day for the tournament. After a little opening ceremony, we could start testing our code. Today, the real competitions start.. So wish us luck!


Despite some pretty frustrating problems with the training of our neuronal network, it was a cool first day with lots of fun.


…and because we made so many cool pictures, the only logical consequence for us was to become instagramer. So just follow homer_unikoblenz.

The one and only homer pizza
The one and only homer pizza.

ERL in Sankt Augustin

We are going to participate on the European Robotics League in Sankt Augustin (near Bonn). Our first tournament for most of the team! Tomorrow morning we have to face the probably most difficult challenge: manage to bring TIAGo from the third floor to the ground floor, WITHOUT USING THE ELEVATOR (it just broke a few days ago..).

ERL 2018 Team
ERL 2018 Team.

TIAGo and our little friend - the hamster - are also very excited. :)