Non-classical logics

  • Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans

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  • Termin 1: Oral examination, Friday, 21.02.2014, Room B 225, starting 10:30.

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  • Question/Answer Session: Tuesday, 20.02.2014, 11:00 in Room B 225.
  • Termin 2: Oral examination, Friday, 11.04.2014, starting at 10:30, Room B 225.

  • Course description:

    The goal of the lecture is to give an introduction to non-classical logics.
    We will first present many-valued logics (including fuzzy logics).
    The course will then focus on non-classical logics relevant for computer science,
    such as:

    - modal logics and description logics (knowledge representation),
    - temporal logic: LTL, CTL (verification, model checking), and
    - the dynamic logic of programs.


    Additional bibliography
    Modal, temporal and dynamic logic
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