IK-2006 Lecture

Interdisciplinary College, Günne, Möhnesee, March 2006

Ontology Learning and Ontology Mapping

Steffen Staab

Ontologies provide a formal specification of terminology constituting a key
asset for many intelligent systems. This asset however comes at a price:
Either it is necessary to newly engineer an ontology for a particular
domain, which requires comprehensive, collaborative engineering efforts
by domain experts and ontology engineers. Alternatively, one re-uses
existing ontologies by establishing correspondences between their various parts.
Again such ontology mapping needs large efforts for identifying appropriate

In order to reduce these efforts, recent years have seen a surge of
methods for learning ontologies from various sources, in particular
from text documents, or for automatic mapping between different ontologies.
In this tutorial we will acquaint the reader with such methods
as well as with techniques to evaluate their quality - which poses
a problem in itself.