Camera Ready Submission

In order to submit your paper and transfer copyright, please read and follow carefully the step-by-step instructions provided by Online Author Kit submission page below:

upload f2

Please also note the following important information:

  • The IEEE PDF eXpress validation service for WMNC 2015 is currently not active. In order to submit your paper through Step 7 in the Online Author Kit, for the question "Have You Successfully Completed PDF eXpress Validation?" please select "Yes". This will satisfy the checklist question and allow you to submit your paper. If you continue to have difficulties in submitting your paper, please contact directly the CPS Production Editor Juan Guerrero ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via email.
  • Deadlines: 

    • Final paper is due by 28 August 2015.

    • A signed copyright release form is due by 28 August 2015.

  • Papers for which any of these deadlines are violated will not be included in the conference proceedings!